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25th-Oct-2011 10:19 am - Member's Cut
The following members have been cut for not commenting.

03691, arielstreasures, blueskiesagain, browneyedmami, crusading_soul, crystalra1ndr0p, cupcake, cyndirelli, dixiechick61688, faiithful, fission, galesweetie, graciekitten, gypsycaravan, hateables, heavenisnearyou, kayshel, ladyguen, lovekeys, makeuplovegloss, mrs, plastique, prettytiaras, primalfears, sailorscout, sexaybeba, skeletalembrace, southernndolll, sweetkisses13, sweetsfcwife97, toker, uberlove, vivirparaelamor, voiceboxx, whomever

If I skipped your comment, please let me know and I will invite you.
If you would like to come back to the community, also let me know.
13th-Apr-2009 06:21 pm - ⚓ DNM ⚓
⚓ DNM List ⚓

You are placed on my DO NOT MAKE list if you:
- If you are caught stealing graphics/tubes/boxes/etc and claiming them as your own, scamming people, etc you will be banned.
- post graphics on facebook, myspace, etc you will be banned.
- Temp DNM: Never picking up graphics (with several reminders given!). You will be removed from the community after three months of not picking up a graphic. However, you will be given a second chance, if you ask. If you continue not to pick up graphics, then you will be banned from the community.

Temp DNM:
whomever - Never picked up graphic from Jul '11
vivirparaelamor - Never picked up blinkies - 09.30.11 & 10.20.11
ashtonsmommy - Never picked up blinkie 11.27.11


Given a 2nd Chance:
prinzessbtrfly - given 2nd chance 11/13/11
13th-Apr-2009 06:15 pm - ⚓ Community Rules ⚓
⚓ Rules ⚓

→ Offers are closed in 24 hrs, once closed no one can requests. No exceptions, even loved.
→ If picked up, blinkies are deleted (along with comments) 2 days after posted. I try to clean up my photobucket. If it still says open, you may request; unless blinkies have been posted then it should be common sense that the offer is closed.
→ Credit is a must. Either near the blinkie or hover. Please credit amour_douxx or amour_blinkies. See below for hover credit code.
Pick up BEFORE requesting.
→ Loved may request all the blinkies in the set.
→ PRs are delivered to your email.
→ If you have not picked up your blinkies, within TWO Months. You will be put in my DNM list.
→ PRs will not be remade for others and are private. I do not save psd's unless they are surprise blinkies/and or paid tubes.
→ I do not tolerate stealing. If you are caught stealing tubes or my boxes or other's blinkies. You will be banned and put on my DNM list.
→ You may not use any graphics made by me outside of lj, unless I give you permission. Permission will not be given for sites like Facebook or myspace. You may use them in your personal website or blog (with CREDIT)
→ Keep your photobuckets private / http://www.hitupmyspot.com/ will steal the graphics I make for you and put them out for everyone to use on myspace

How to: Hover Credit
18th-Dec-2008 01:33 am - → Paid pixel memberships


My credit to blinkie boxes are also listed there.
17th-Oct-2007 03:27 am - ⚓ Affiliates ⚓
If you would like to be affiliates with amour_blinkies please leave a comment here. :]
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